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Elf 16mm Projector

EIKI 250w ELF projector with 50mm lens and take up spool PDF

*please specify whether you require magnetic or optical sound.





variable speed cine projector
BELL AND HOWELL TQ111 Specialist Varispeed 5-32FPS! 40.00 80.00
kodak lens
Lenses - A wide selection to suit any situation from 425mm-15mm - Full list    
image of splicer
16mm accessories and AV Stands Full List    
Super 8
ALL Prices + VAT
super duper8
FUMEO Modello 9119 Professional 200w Super 8 Projector PDF 50.00 100.00
Prop Film
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16mm film prop to hire insight lighting ltd london
Reel of either 16mm or Super 8mm film which can be hired with our projectors for shoots. 50.00 150.00