OUTDOOR IP rated for Exterior use £ per day £ per week
arcled 7513 zoom

ProLightsARCLED 7513 IPZoom

Excellent architectural lighting fixture with full RGBW Full Colour and optical zoom


40.00 80.00
led batons

LED BATTEN Chauvet Colorband pix IP PDF

Great for powerful uplighting or pixel mapping effects for outdoors!
25.00 50.00
mbi exterior light
MBI 400W White Light IP64 Exterior Floods Metal Halide High Intensity Lamp 20.00 20.00
par 64 watertight fixture
DTS PAR64 500w IP66 Watertight Exterior Flood 15.00 30.00
tree lights

TREE LIGHTS ALL WEATHER String of 12v peabulbs

Price per 10 metre
8.00 8.00
ALL Prices + VAT