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image of smoke machine
LOOK SOLUTIONS Unique2 DMX or Standalone haze machine (c.w. 2 litres Unique haze fluid) with no heat up time it's quiet, powerful and controllable. A hazer creates a continuous fine atmospheic haze to which adds a dramatic extra dimension to any light show. PDF other usful information link to haze data sheet 35.00 70.00
haze effect
Extra 2L Haze Fluid enough for about 50hrs continuous hazing   30.00
image of smoke machine

MARTIN Z.R.12 DMX or standalone mode smoke machine (c.w. 1 litre smoke fluid) powerful and controllable, it can adapt to a small or medium-large venues the manual remote has a built in timer so you can forget about pressing the button. DMX module is supplied on request PDF

35.00 70.00
smoke machine hanging cradle

INSIGHT™ ZR12 hanging cradle with hook clamp Rig your smoker in the sky

7.50 15.00
smoke fluid
Extra 5 Litre ZR smoke fluid   25.00
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