Martin Z.R.12 Smoke Machine

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DMX or standalone mode smoke machine

Martin Z.R.12 Smoke Machine
Martin Z.R.12 Smoke Machine

Powerful and controllable, the Martin ZR12 can adapt to a small or medium-large venues. The manual remote has a built in timer so you can forget about pressing the button. DMX module is supplied on request. Comes with 1 litre of smoke fluid

  • Standalone mode
  • Internal timer
  • DMX
  • Comes with 1 litre of smoke fluid
  • 16amp with 13-16 adaptor
  • 4.45A/1070W
  • Dimensions: 500 x 225 x 165mm
  • Weight : 11kg

See how we brought atmosphere to St John at Hackney here


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INSIGHT™ ZR12 hanging cradle with hook clamp

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Extra 5 Litre ZR smoke fluid

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