Who We Are

Insight Lighting was founded in 1989 and incorporated in 2006. Initially emerging from art-school culture and the early rave scene, our interests, expertise and inventory have continued to evolve with developing technologies. With our regular team of skilled associates, we are lighting and projection designers, artists and engineers.

Our Kit For Hire

We've brought together an extensive range of kit which reflects our evolving experience of working in shows and exhibitions and it is avaialble for hire on daily, weekly or long term basis.

Our Skills

We can integrate digital and analogue display technologies. We work with digital projectors, video-walls, cine film, slide and effects projection as well as traditional stage and disco lighting. We can produce architectural projection mapping, include live feeds from cameras or phones, or pixel map LED fixtures. All of it synchronised, all of it contributing to the immersive and choreographed experience.

We bring together a multitude of processes to make and perform shows including video looping and manipulation, live mixing, the production of in-house graphics and moving images from your brief or source materials. We will often work with a scale maquette of a live show to discuss and demonstrate the impact and environment that we are producing.

We offer content management, graphic animation and digital signage to high degree of proficiency.


We work with production companies, galleries, brands and individuals. We are great at working to a brief and creating unique and imaginative environments.