Optikinetics GoboPro FX

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Bright LED gobo and effects projector with interchangeable lenses - suitable for outdoors

Image of Optikinetics GoboPro FX

[OPTI] GoboPro FX LED Projector

  • Light Source:120W LED
  • Brightness: 8000 Lumens
  • Colour temperature: 7500 K
  • Illuminance at 1m: 3800 Lux
  • Lens options: Comes with 36mm, 50mm and 70-120mm zoom lens
  • Focus: Manual
  • Gobo Size: 50mm (rotating) 44mm (static) or 35 mm transparency with adaptor
  • Effects: Two active gates and one front of lens effect connection
  • Control: Manual. DMX dimming
  • Remote Control: Dimming, control of all effect parameters
  • Projection Rating: IP 65 with front cover fitted
  • Power Supply: Mains adapter 28V at 4.74A. (Adapters not to IP65)
  • Dimensions:L38 H37 W37 OD10 CM
  • Weight: 8Kg