Insight Lighting London - The Radical Eye

EJAF - The Radical Eye

180ยบ of Modernist inspired visuals at Tate Modern

Insight Lighting London - The Radical Eye

The inspiration for our projections was The Radical Eye, an exhibition of early experimental Modernist photography from the Sir Elton John Collection at Tate Bankside. We designed and produced a show of modernist inspired visuals, filming our effects from scratch and working with paper cut outs, water tanks, light bulbs and lenses as well as film loops from our vast library. The final result was true in feel and texture although we did of course use all the tricks that would never have been available to those early celluloid pioneers!

Wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your work on the EJAF event - it looked amazing & the client was thrilled with the final result. THANK YOU!!!
- Kirsty NP+Co


Tate Tanks, London